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Jen Gash

Jenn combines a unique combination of practical experience, training and cutting edge tools, to unlock creativity, maximise performance and improve wellbeing.  She understands the nature creativity and innovation, having developed different services and businesses in both the public and private sector. Jenn understands how the human brain works and knows how best to use knowledge from neurosciences, occupational science and personal development.

Often team development or coaching approaches only address some of the needs, leaving individuals and teams with a half-baked plan with limited sustainability or perhaps rehashed version of what currently exists. Creative thinking is desperately needed right now, but it must be combined with courage to implement, support for those involved and a sustainable plan. It must also not be tied down with lengthy processes for implementation which strangle brilliant ideas.

Risk taking is intrinsic to adaptation and sometimes we really get scared, so understanding the neurology of “fear” is crucial.

Leading creative, courageous, adaptable teams is vital in the current climate. Resources are often limited, time short and in many cases, moral and wellbeing are poor.  Leaders need support but so do grass roots staff.  Having worked at both ends of the spectrum, Jenn is able to see the complete picture and understand multiple perspectives. That is rare.

Interview with Jenn about Discovery Party: its philosophy and origins

Interview with Jenn about Creativity Coaching for Euro Coach Conference 2013:


Jenn’s Background

Jenn spent most of her teen years painting furiously, but felt that she wanted a normal, predictable, paid job, so she started her career in Human Resources for House of Fraser. She later moved into a quality role for SCA – one of the largest industries in Europe.  After retraining in 1993, Jenn moved into the public sector as an Occupational Therapist working across health and social care. Her management experience includes staff and service development, appraisal and supervision, clinical audit and outcome measurement, statistics and research. She is an inspirational leader and has developed many cutting-edge services.

In 2005 Jenn trained as a coach and established her own company.  Jenn has worked as an associate providing a combination of Vocational Rehabilitation, assessment and coaching.

2011 saw the creation and launch of Discovery Party – an international business providing “coaching parties” in homes and businesses.

Jenn has qualifications in Occupational Therapy, Coaching and Creativity Coaching. She has further training in Vocational Rehabilitation, Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language