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Vulnerability welcome here!

It keeps coming up, this vulnerability thing. From the day I watched Brene Brown’s amazing TED talk, very few days have passed where I haven’t contemplated the strength and benefits of vulnerability and the requirement to tackle the associated shame. In creativity we know how important it is to let go, loosen up, let things […]

Pulling it together? More like pulling teeth…

For someone like me, spending  a prolonged period completing and finishing is like pulling teeth. And when I say “prolonged” I mean, more than a day or two! Despite having a glorious 3 days in the field last week speaking, inspiring, teaching and drinking vino, it only takes a couple of days at the computer […]

Day 1 and a bit

So here we are. They tell me its November, but I am not convinced. I am fairly sure its around the end of June – that’s what I am putting my money on anyway. Creativity has been working its way back to my core, albeit in fits and starts since I wrote about Day 1.0 […]

The joys and pains of finishing

I am sitting here, working on a chapter for a book I am co-authoring. I have been writing the chapter for months and I need to finish it. In the lounge, my (long suffering) husband is proof reading a rather weighty resource on Creativity for Coaches.  I need to finish it and get it out […]

The best laid plans

I have been convinced for many years now, that it should be possible for someone like me, to have a plan and stick to it, even a little bit, but I am becoming increasingly unconvinced. I want a plan – I have said to my coaches…all of them, business and life coaches! You need a […]

Shift Happens (when you let go!)

Thank you Robert Holden, Happiness Guru extraordinaire, for imparting this pearl of wisdom when I attended your “Teaching Happiness” workshop in Oxford in 2000.  Thankfully, but also sadly, I seem to have been learning it ever since and perhaps I always will! It seems that “letting go”  is one of the most important yet hardest things […]

Day 1

I have fought writing this blog post for weeks, but finally have stopped battling and just started to type. Twenty five years ago, I feel in love with paint: as a rather keen 16 year old student, I started painting large scale (4′ plus) oil paintings and spent most of my six form in the […]

Embracing the “C” word – why creativity is so important and how to ‘do it’

Creativity has a poor image, especially in business, where is can be labelled fluffy, time wasting, a luxury or, worst of all “a nice activity to cheer up the team”. The term “innovation” is much preferred and has a better image, but innovation is an umbrella term which is includes the process of identifying a need for […]

Gaining insight through emergence

We often find ourselves stuck in repeating patterns, saying the same thing or making the same mistakes.  This can be really helpful as it often adds to continuity, but it can result in great frustration, limited progression during change or difficulty implementing something new. This happens to both individuals at home, work or in relationships. It […]

Using the creative arts to gain insight and ideas

If the word “creative” brings you out in hives, a cold sweat or just turns you off, please think again. I’m not going to encourage you to splodge paint randomly, with the vague hope of claiming it “abstract art”. This isn’t about trying to religiously draw the potted plant in front of you, feeling a failure […]

Doing whatever is necessary

“…and doing whatever is necessary to achieve and sustain a creative life” This is one of Tarcher’s (1999) principles for creators, the others being hushing the mind (yeh right), holding the intention to create, making creative choices, honouring the creative process, befriending one’s creative work, evaluating ones work and doing whatever is necessary…. Hushing your […]

Ideas that shout at you

The ideas have been very angry with me for the last few months, especially the I read someone’s comment on a blog page recently. The blog was about creativity and sustainable wellbeing. At my point of viewing, there was a blog comment  on the top of the list and it said something along these lines: […]

Writers Blockage… need a plunger?

Having not been able to write for the last 2 months, I have given myself many many excuses (or if I am feeling gentler, they are just reasons!). “ I have been so busy you know” “Its been the school holidays” “I’m blocked” “I have to do really important business things” “I am so tired […]

on turning things upside down (or inside out!)

Originally this post was called “on painting upside down”. It occurred to me to write this as I had turned a painting upside down, and realised it was much easier to work that way sometimes.  I then realised that I like doing many things upside down and it has so many benefits. So bear with […]

…on quitting brownies

Do you ever get the feeling that we interfere, force things and try and control a bit too much. I do. I have been desperate to find a name or identify for a new product for 3 months now.  My house is littered with mind maps, sticky notes and I am getting quite grumpy about […]

…on being enough

Having lacked confidence forever and being constantly in search of reassurance that I am doing well, I feel I have necessary qualifications to write this article. Practicing the affirmation “I am enough” has made me aware of how not believing it, drives us all so much. -          I am not slim enough so I berate […]

Summon your genie!

I’m sitting here listening to the recent BBC program about Steve Jobs which you can see here. I say “listen” because as usual I am multi-tasking to a certain extent. I have listened and watched and read so much about Jobs lately as we all have. He is one of life’s creators, no doubt. Creativity, […]

Certified Kaisen Muse Creativity Coach

Yippee….I now a Certified Kaisen Muse Creativity Coach. I have spent most of this year working towards my certification which I achieved last night.  I’m so pleased as I feel I can now share the complete brilliance of this very unique and powerful approach to coaching.  Over the coming months, I’ll share how Kaisen Muse […]

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