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As individuals and businesses we operate  in a world of increasing chaos, complexity and confusion. The challenges we face require creativity and innovation at every level:

” If we don’t start to learn as leaders who people are, what they are capable of, what their potential is, how creative people most people can be…we are not going to succeed…A profound shift in culture has to take place: and providing the kind of orchestration that evokes our creativity and bring out the best of each person’s talent is a very powerful metaphor” (Margaret Wheatley Leadership and the New Science)

We cannot find all the answers we need at this point in time, through purely rational, logical, cognitive and scientific approaches. Many companies are using the arts to enhance their performance including Marks & Spencer, Nike, Pfizer, Saatchi & Saatchi, British Airways, Kodak and the BBC.

Fostering creativity is a fine art.  We aim to restore the creative arts position in business. Art is the process of creating a possibility, an opportunity, something that is needed to flourish in today’s marketplace.

Enabling people to embrace their strengths, put aside their fears and allow ideas to flow requires a supported, empowered approach using guided techniques.

Bespoke workshops, programs and individual support can be designed to suit your particular needs.  A combination of Arts based problem solving, coaching, Emergent approaches and Occupational Therapy are used, focusing on the following areas:



Training, facilitation, workshops and events

Discovery Party: a completely unique approach which introduces coaching and development in a fun, low pressure way, using games and activities. This is ideal for team days and relaxed staff development that still has a purpose.  It is a great precursor to more in-depth developmental work, but acts as a stand-alone intervention as well. Find out more here