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Human beings are naturally creative. We can debate that if you like, but without creative thought, none of us would be able to function on a day to day basis!

  • Perhaps you, or someone you work with, have a lot creative ideas or a natural flair for writing, the visual arts or even programming.
  • Perhaps you have a creative idea that you want to progress but you are struggling to move it forward.
  • Maybe you work with a particularly creative person at work and struggle to support them.
  • Maybe you understand the need for more “creativity” at work, but don’t know how to enable it.

Jenn’s  varied and extensive background leads her to work powerfully with individuals who may have hidden challenges which are impacting on relationships and performance at work, including:

  • Highly creative people who struggle to harness and integrate their strengths at work
  • People with hidden problems e.g. sensory integration issues & mental health challenges
  • Individuals in crisis who need to make a radical shift
  • Those who want to enhance their creativity and develop creative ideas, projects and businesses

Here are some comments from recent clients:

“I worked with Jen earlier this year & found her to be a wonderfully enriching person to relate to: she was thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive, creative & resourceful in her approach to my ‘blocks’ & has a very reassuring voice & a genuine way of relating that helped me to recognise where I needed to focus in order to bring about change.  I can thouroughly recommend her to anyone seeking to bring a fresh approach to old problems – she’s amazing!” V

Her lovely friendly style and approach to coaching really helped me on my way to recovery. I really enjoyed the whole process especially the guided visualisations we did together. I really got a lot from each session – and would really recommend this approach”  M
“Jen’s strength is her ability to hone in and listen to what was being said, and in some way helped me arrive at a place, like a spotlight appearing. Between each session I grew more confident listening to my intuition and leaping forward with change. The rest, shall we say is history.  I steadily looked for opportunities, signed up to courses to retrain in an area of work more in line with my values.  My coaching sessions were a valuable tool which helped me continually move out of my comfort zone and I soon found myself surrounded by people who enjoyed my company and valued my contributions” D