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Whether you are planning a team event or away-day or have a specific plan in mind, Jenn offers a variety of unique workshops and group events.

Vision to strategy:

Specializing in unlocking creativity and helping individuals, groups and teams develop vision. Our creative capacities often work best when our resources are limited.  Resources are not needed to think, vision and come up with creative, innovative ideas and ways forward.

Coming up with an idea or vision, is often the quick and sometimes easy part of innovation. Translating that idea into reality, is much harder. We help the “corpus callosum” get really toned up  (this is the part of the brain which connects the left and right hemispheres and its essential when trying to turn right brain creative ideas into reality.)


Using a progressive, unique tool to help individuals and team improve the flow of their work, understand blocks and barriers to flow and maximise resources and energy available.