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A light-hearted, practical approach to problem solving.compressed seated me

Jen has a rich bank of stories, research and fun activities that she can draw upon, to craft a meaningful message which will engage and move the audience.


Speech Topics:

Crafting wealth: How Biomimicry can help your business

Crafting flow: How “rivers” can help performance at work (and home)

Crafting opportunity: How creativity helps generate ideas and build value

Crafting health: How story and metaphor can be used to improve wellbeing 


JEN GASH speaking at Sheffield Hallum University


“Jenn is a creative, entertaining and informative speaker who uses a combination of her excellent presentation skills and professional knowledge to inspire and motivate her audience. She has the ability to deliver key messages in original formats, which capture both the attention and imagination. Jenn was a main speaker at a Social Enterprise study day I organised at the College of Occupational Therapists. Jenn’s presentation received the highest praise from participants who appreciated the style, content and message of her session.  Jenn’s imaginative approach to presenting and thought provoking material has resulted in a well deserved reputation as an excellent public speaker” S.T.

  Jenn is a welcome addition to any event, conference, team day or after dinner session.

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